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We want to save the world, by helping cities to be smart, sustainable and innovative (future-proof) and tackle the upcoming challenges by leveraging of future technologies and innovations. FutureCitiesCouncil.org is a global collaborative platform of the future: THE FUTURE IS HERE.

Welcome to FutureCitiesCouncil.org

In the last 100 years the world population has increased in an exponential rate and it is expected to touch 9 billion by 2050. According to a recent the United Nations study, 75% of them will be living in cities. Limited resources and increasing consumption are putting extra stress on the planet. Demand for energy will increase by 87% by 2050. 70% more food will be required to support the growing population. The world will need 55% more water by 2050. Cities around the world have to invest more than 41 trillion dollars to modernize their infrastructures. About 30 million dwellings are needed by 2050. Oil and gas demand will see a 110% increase. As result, this will demand greater investment in defense and security. The world is becoming flat and interdependent economics are creating globalization of resources.
Are we ready for all of these challenges? Can we make the world a better place to live for the next generations?
In order to tackle these challenges, many stakeholders, from the quadruple helix of government, academia, industry and civil society on local, national and international levels, need to join hands together and take benefits from recent technological trends and opportunities in order to come up with new ideas and solutions. These stakeholders need a common international platform to communicate, exchange ideas, disseminate knowledge and share resources. With this regard, we have founded “FutureCitiesCouncil.org”, an online/mobile collaboration platform, which will facilitate such collaboration. This platform will be the one-stop-shop for all the stakeholders from governments, industries, academia and civil society from all around the world.


Our vision is to save the world, by helping cities to become smart, sustainable and innovative in order to tackle future global challenges through leveraging of technologies and innovations.

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Our mission is to develop a communication and collaboration online/mobile platform for knowledge dissemination and resources sharing, between the international quadruple helix (government, industry, academia and civil society), in order to assist cities facing the future challenges.

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Key concepts

In our organization, we focus on the following concepts :
* The Future is here
* Communicate, Collaborate and Share
* Innovate

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About FutureCitiesCouncil

FutureCitiesCouncil is a consortium of people from the quadruple helix (Academia, Industry, Government, Civil society) which acts as an online/mobile platform to connect them. Using such platform, these people will communicate, collaborate and share insight related to Future, Technologies, Innovations, Smart Cities between them. This platform will accelerate making cities smart, sustainable and innovative.

Future, Technologies, Trends, Innovations...

Online/Mobile platform.

Connect the dots in the Quadruple helix: Government, Industry, Academia and Civil society.

The Future is here.

What we offer


We offer speeches about several topics related to Future, Trends, Technolgies, Innovation, Cities, etc.

Training and education

We offfer training and capcity building services in several topics related to Future, Trends, Technolgies, Innovation, Cities, etc.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We help people to be innovative and entrepreneurs in their journey in several topics related to Future, Trends, Technolgies, Innovation, Cities, etc.

Research and development

We help researchers and academicians in several topics related to Future, Trends, Technolgies, Innovation, Cities, etc.

Events organisation

We organise and manage events in several topics related to Future, Trends, Technolgies, Innovation, Cities, etc.

Digital markeing and media

We offer marketing and media services in several topics related to Future, Trends, Technolgies, Innovation, Cities, etc.









We watch the following "Technologies"

We have sudied more than 66 future technolgies, these are few of them.
FUTURE technology

Internet of Things (IoT)

FUTURE technology

Big Data

FUTURE technology

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

FUTURE technology

3D/4D printing

FUTURE technology

X Reality

FUTURE technology

Solar technology

FUTURE technology

Wind technology

FUTURE technology

Nano technology

FUTURE technology

Neuro technology

FUTURE technology

Bio technology

FUTURE technology


FUTURE technology


In the folowing "Sectors"

We have sudied more than 45 sectors of our life. These sectors represent the elements of an anatomy of cities, these are few of them.

FUTURE Cities, Regions, and Countries


FUTURE Buildings and Infrastructures


FUTURE Mobility and Transportation






FUTURE Education


FUTURE Logistics and supply chain


FUTURE Tourism and Hospitality


FUTURE Finance and banking

Our Team

Dr. Oualid Ali

Founder and President

Eng. Khaoula Ben Bechir

Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)

Eng. Mohammed Khalil

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

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Vancouver (Canada), Currently in UAE/Oman