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In the last 100 years the world population has increased in an exponential rate and it is expected to touch 9 billion by 2050. According to a recent the United Nations study, 75% of them will be living in cities. Limited resources and increasing consumption are putting extra stress on the planet. Demand for energy will increase by 87% by 2050. 70% more food will be required to support the growing population. The world will need 55% more water by 2050. Cities around the world have to invest more than 41 trillion dollars to modernize their infrastructures. About 30 million dwellings are needed by 2050. Oil and gas demand will see a 110% increase. As result, this will demand greater investment in defense and security. The world is becoming flat and interdependent economics are creating globalization of resources.

Are we ready for all of these challenges? Can we make the world a better place to live for the next generations?

In order to tackle these challenges, many stakeholders, from the quadruple helix of government, academia, industry and civil society on local, national and international levels, need to join hands together and take benefits from recent technological trends and opportunities in order to come up with new ideas and solutions. These stakeholders need a common international platform to communicate, exchange ideas, disseminate knowledge and share resources. With this regard, we have founded “FutureCitiesCouncil.org”, an online collaboration platform, which will handle such collaboration. This platform will be the one-stop-shop for all its partners from governments, industries, academia and people from all around the world.

The Founder and the President


Our vision is to save the world, by helping in making future cities smart, sustainable and innovative in order to face future global challenges through leverage of technologies and innovation.


Our mission is to develop a platform of collaboration, communication, knowledge dissemination and resources sharing, between the international quadruple helix (government, industry, academia and civil society), in order to assist cities facing the future challenges.

Key concepts

In our organization, we focus on the following concepts :

  • Collaborate
  • Share
  • Innovate


Our resources:

In “FutureCitiesCouncil.org” provide to its partners and members with any type of resources which can help cities to tackle the future challenges and problems they are facing. These resources can be of any type and they are provided through our members and partners: human resources, knowledge resources, data/information resources, financial resources, technical resources, etc. By accessing and using these resources, cities can move from a “City” to an “iCity” or “Future City” (smart city, green city, eco-city, innovative city, safe city, healthy city, social city, etc.).

Our services:

In “FutureCitiesCouncil.org”, we provide many services in order to help cities facing the future challenges. All the services will be provided by our partners and members of the organization, thus, we play only an intermediate role. The main three categories of services are provided by our partners and members are:


Consultancy and advisory services: Our partners and members can help cities and organizations in order to tackle the future challenges by assisting them in the design and implementation of a digital future strategy, in the implementation and deployment of technologies, in the assessment process, etc. They also help in the development of ideas and spin-offs by financing such ideas.

Capacity building, training and development services: Cities of the future need smart people. For that reason, we have to build the capacity of tomorrow. Our partners and members would help future cities in such important task through training sessions, workshops, etc.



Events organizations and management: Our partners and members would help in the organization of events such conferences, seminars, workshops, challenges, hachathons, etc. By doing so, we bring our quadruple helix together in one physical location so they can collaborate physically and face to face.

Other services: We offer other services related to future cities upon request.

Our programs:

Currently, we have the following programs or projects:

• The iMember program: This program allows people or organizations to be member of the platform. The membership is free.

• The iPartner program: This program allows people or organizations to be our partners of the platform. By being partner, your organization can be advertised on the platform (logo, information, etc.) and can be exposed to the online community of FutureCitiesCouncil.org.



• The iCity program: This program is for cities which are tacking the future challenges and started thinking and working to be Future Cities (Smart cities, sustainable cities, green cities, innovative cities, etc.). These cities can be members of such program for free. Within this program, these cities can share resources, learn from each other’s, etc. If you want your city to become an iCity, please register to this program by filling this form and send it back to president@FutureCitiesCouncil.org. As example of cities registered in this program, we have iToronto, which is the smart city of Toronto.

• The iCities Ranking System : In this program, along with our experts, we are working on an international Ranking system for the iCities members. If ou want your city to contirbute to this rank, please register in the iCity program.

• The iCities Intenational Standards: This program consists of he development of one international standards set for Future Cities (smart, digital, sustainable, green, eco, innovative, healthy, social, etc.) .

• The iBuilding program: This program is similar to the iCity one but it focus on the building scale. If you want your building to become an iBuilding, please register to this program.


• The iDEA program: This program is for any person or organization who has an innovative idea related to future cities (smart, digital, sustainable, green, eco, innovative, healthy, social, etc.) which can be pushed forward in order to solve the challenges or problems of future cities. This is an open innovation challenge which can lead, with the support of our business partners, to a spin-off company or start-up or SME. If you have any iDEA please shared with us (click here).

• The iEnterprise: In this program, we gater information about innovative enterpise related to the field of Future Cities. If you want to register your enterprise please click here.


• The iJob program: In this program, we collect several job announcements related to the field of Future cities (smart, digital, sustainable, green, eco, innovative, healthy, social, etc.). Organizations are posting job positionas and vacancies and candidates apply for them by submitting their CVs. If you are an organization, clieck here and if you are a candidate and you want to send your CV, please click here.


• The ArabFutureCities.org (www.arabfuturecities.org): Recently, we have developed the ArabFutureCities.org, which will have the same role as our organization, but the focus will be the Arab World which is booming in terms of future cities development such as Dubai City and Masdar City in UAE and Lusail City in Qatar. In the future, we will have the AsianFutureCities.org, the AfricanFutureCities.org, the AmercianFutureCities.org and the EuropeanFutureCities.org. The idea of creating such organizations is to go deeper and address the specific challenges of each region of the globe.



Domains of future cities :

All our resources cover most of the domains of future cities. As example, we can mention; mobility and transportation, energy, water, healthcare, education, policing and law enforcement, etc.

Enabling technologies of future cities :

In order to tackle the future challenges of the cities, any technology is welcome. Nowadays, the future cities are focusing on two categories of technologies:
The SMART or DIGITAL technologies: These technologies are based on the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). As example, we can site web technologies and internet, communication technologies and networks, mobile technologies, Sensor Networks, Internet of Things (IoT), GeoSpatial Technologies (GIS, GPS, Remote sensing, etc.), Big Data, Open Data, Analytics, Social media, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, domestic Drones (UAV), etc. These technologies are used in order to develop smart building, smart infrastructure and smart cities of the future.
The GREEN or Environmental technologies: As example of these technologies we can mention Solar panels, wind turbines, etc. These technologies are used to develop green cities or buildings or environmental-friendly cities or buildings of the future.
• Any OTHER technologies which can be used to tackle the cities’ future challenges.



FutureCitiesCouncil is an organization which gathers stakeholders from the quadruple helix (government, industry, academia and civil society) in order to share resources to help cities facing the future coming challenges.

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